Text&Tusche is a small-scale creative communication studio founded by Christina Rupp. With a strong focus on authentic storytelling, creative content and more than 5 years of experience in translation, Christina helps small businesses position themselves authentically and effectively.

A compelling documentary, not a commercial.

My approach to copywriting is rooted in documentary. Rather than creating repetitive advertisements and pushy sales pitches, my aim is to create an informative, persuasive and compelling story and a call to action that is tailored towards a niche audience. The goal is to showcase your brand, services and products both honestly and convincingly.

Visionary businesses, sustainable marketing.

Christina works with businesses that are driven by an earnest, long term vision rather than by short term profits. Text&Tusche teams up with creative agencies, ambitious solo entrepreneurs and brands that have personal stories, a fair approach to business and sustainable objectives ingrained in their entrepreneurial fabric.

What clients say

Michael Joubert, Editor TechSmart Magazine


“If in future I do get an opportunity to work with Christina again, I would do so at the drop of a hat .”

Ilse Immelman, Lead Project Manager


“I highly recommend Christina‚Äôs services with translation and copywriting. Her contribution at correcting my wording and approach to what I intended to say, as opposed to what I had actually written, was terrific. Her turn-around time was extremely fast and her work very thorough.”


Dr Richard Versmissen, Hogeschool Utrecht


“Christina is very responsive to feedback and delivers work both timely and in accordance to our specifications. We were very pleased with the results!”

Enno De Graaf, Deputy director Eigen&Wijze


“Special qualities of Christina are creativity in storytelling, insights into journalism and translations. She has a strong deadline focus and the outcome of her work was always of measurable value. We can confidently recommend Christina.”